FAQ Pathé Business

Can I rent a cinema for my event?

You can rent one or more Pathé cinemas for your event. If you prefer, we can even provide exclusive use of the entire cinema building.

What events can I hold at Pathé?

We have had the pleasure of hosting product presentations, readings, concerts, employee information sessions, graduation parties, general meetings, conventions, conference, lectures, school events, private film screenings, Christmas parties, children’s birthday parties, and many more types of events.

Can I watch an exclusive film screening in one of the theaters, together with my colleagues?

We will gladly host an exclusive film screening for you. You can enhance the experience with various snack and beverage packages, drinks, or a personalized toast.

Can I watch any film as an exclusive screening?

Pathé is in direct contact with film distributors worldwide. We’ll happily ensure that you can enjoy your favorite movie with us.

Can I host a children's birthday party at Pathé?

Of course! Here you can find all the information for children’s birthday packages.

How do I book a school presentation?

Use this contact form to book school presentations.

Can I provide catering at the cinema for my guests?

We would be delighted to treat your guests to our “Movie Classics”, such as fresh popcorn, spicy nachos, and a variety of soft drinks. If you prefer something a little more special, we can arrange coffee breaks and drinks. This is arranged in collaboration with trusted caterers.

Which caterers does Pathé engage?

Pathé collaborates with selected regional and national catering companies.

In which cities can I find Pathé cinemas?

An overview of all Pathé cinemas in Switzerland can be found on our location map.

Is there parking at the cinemas?

Parking facilities are available within walking distance at all our Pathé cinemas. You can find detailed information on our location map.

How many seats are available in each of the cinemas?

The seating capacities for all the Pathé cinemas can be found in this overview.

What equipment is available in each cinema?

Each cinema has a screen, a movie projector, and a sound system. Comfortable cinema armchairs are installed in all the theaters. Additional equipment can be provided upon prior arrangement.

Can I reserve a specific date for my event?

We are happy to book a non-binding reservation up to 2 years before an event. A binding confirmation must be made no later than 4 weeks prior to the event. Otherwise, the option will be cancelled.

How do I get a quote for my event?

Please provide us with your event information via this contact form

or email us: team@pathebusiness.ch. We’ll provide you with a customized quote.

How do I make an appointment to view the premises?

You can request an exclusive, no-obligation tour via our contact form or e-mail us: team@pathebusiness.ch.

Where can I order gift vouchers for employees and clients?

Pathé offers gift vouchers for its B2B clients at special rates. Detailed information can be found here.

Who do I contact to advertise in the cinema?

Our partner, Weischer.Cinema, would be delighted to respond to your request.

What is the procedure if I cancel a booking?

After the conclusion of the contract, both contracting parties are bound to the booking date. The cancellation policy is included in our Terms and Conditions.

Where do I find Pathé's Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions can be found in our website’s footer.

FAQ Pathé Kinos

Can I place displays or exhibits in front of the cinemas?

We will clarify all the options for you in consultation with the site owner and we’ll then organize its implementation.

Can I exhibit or display in the cinema?

The size and weight of the exhibits are crucial for placement. We will gladly discuss various possibilities with you, on an individual basis.

How do you distinguish regular movie-goers from our guests?

There are no other guests in the building outside of the theater’s operating hours, so you would have exclusive use of the infrastructure during such times. During operating hours, guests are identified via wrist bands. You can also use your own identity tags, such as badges or name tags.

Where can we have our coffee breaks and drinks?

You can use our multifunctional, natural daylight event spaces for all your catered and social activities. 

Do you have suitable workshop spaces?

Our multifunctional, natural daylight event spaces are ideal for workshops, exhibitions, etc.

Will we be given a parking discount for the parking garage?

In consultation with the car park owner, we’ll clarify your pricing structure and organize exit tickets on your behalf.

For details on the individual locations, simply click here to download.

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