Whether for a customer presentation, a live streaming, an employee event or your personal tailormade event – we make your content ready for the big screen.

What do you need for this?
Only a USB stick or an external hard drive – we have already installed the rest!

Do you love special effects such as wind / snow / rain / scent or just want some movement as a dynamic in your performance? 4DX and D-Box turn your performance into unforgettable entertainment.

Your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation in perfect image quality on the screen.
Our film projectors optimally showcase your presentation.

Dolby Atmos or surround sound technology makes your presenter sound as if he or she is sitting right next to you.
Of course, your image film or built-in video will also shine with crystal-clear sound.

CinemaConnect by SENNHEISER is the name of our audio streaming solution. It provides audio description (acoustic description of images) and hearing support via an app in cinemas. 

Of course, every cinema offers premium seats and much more.
For individual equipment details, please refer to our location overview. 

For details on the individual locations, simply click here to download.

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Looking to get your content across in true Hollywood fashion?

We know exactly how to achieve this: